Move from Windows to Linux

Get the society to do so.

Linux and UNIX will make the world a better place!

Linux is better than Windows because it’s more scalable, more flexible, more customizable, more stable, and more secure. Other advantages too. There are many things it can do that Windows can’t.
Linux is free and open source, while Windows and MacOS are proprietary commercial.
Microsoft is the biggest software company, and it shouldn’t be. Oracle should be the biggest software company. So don’t waste your money to Microsoft if you don’t want Microsoft to have fortune.
Microsoft doesn’t want you to use Google. It doesn’t want you to use Firefox and Chrome.
if you get Linux, get Ubuntu, Linux Mint, MEPIS, SUSE Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS, Fedora, MageiaOracle Linux Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, or Linux distributions like those. Don’t get Debian, Gentoo, or Arch.
Maybe use GhostBSD or TrueOS on a tower desktop, whether vertical full tower or horizontal small form factor desktop. Maybe use Solaris/illumos (like OpenIndiana).
X11(X Window System) is standard, not Windows. Mac, Linux, and Solaris use X Window System, while Windows does not. Google is standard, not Bing. Firefox and Chrome are standard, not Internet Explorer or Edge.
Don’t get iTunes. Get an alternative that’s available for Linux. Maybe get Google Play. Or maybe get Clementine. There are other alternatives like I think Amarok. Any alternatives with a BSD or MIT license?
Don’t get Microsoft Office. Get LibreOffice or Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.
Don’t use iCloud or OneDrive. Use something else like Google Drive or Dropbox. Anything else?
If only Microsoft would merge UNIX into Windows as Apple merged UNIX into MacOS. Maybe getting UNIX and Linux in the desktop would encourage Microsoft to do so.
You could dual boot Linux on a Windows laptop or desktop. Or you could use a virtual machine, for which I’d recommend VMware Workstation Player running Ubuntu on a laptop and Hyper-V running Oracle Linux UEK on an all-in-one or tower desktop. Or you could just get a Linux laptop or desktop.
The Pixelbooks is coming up with Fuchsia OS.
Apple is the biggest IT company, but it shouldn’t be. I think IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell should be bigger.
Sorry if I offended you with Don’t buy Windows again!. I reposted it here in a less offensive way.
This post may be subject to edits.
What do you think? Anything I missed? Any issues? Say so in the comment.

Edit note

I struck through some of the above because of second thoughts. I’m also thinking of reposting this on also with updates.


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