Don’t buy Windows again!

Microsoft has pushed it’s way into the market. It dominates the desktop too much.
Windows doesn’t give sufficient customization, flexibility, or freedom.
Microsoft doesn’t want people to use Firefox or Chrome or use Google. It pushes people into using Edge and using Bing.
It turns out Microsoft only cares about making profit.
Linux, on the other hand, is community driven. It is shared and developed by many organizations.
Get Linux, or alternatively get BSD such as GhostBSD. No Macs either!
If you get Linux, get Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, Mageia, or OpenSUSE. No Debian, Arch, or Gentoo.
Besides Linux and BSD, there is also OpenIndiana – an illumos distribution.
Linux is more customizable and flexible than Windows. The same applies to BSD. Linux and Unix are also more stable than Windows. Linux and Unix have no blue screen of death. Linux is also more secure than Windows. Linux shines over Windows in various other things!
Download the Linux or Unix disk image(most likely ISO or USB) and install the operating system onto your PC. Or get a laptop with Linux or other Unix.
If you have Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise, enable virtualization in the firmware and install Hyper-V. Install a Linux virtual machine.
Getting Linux or other Unix will encourage Microsoft to make Windows POSIX-compliant. It will also encourage Microsoft to accept Linux support(like Linux clients and compute nodes).
Don’t buy iTunes. Get Google Play, or download music on Amazon. I don’t know if you can download music on Soundcloud. Maybe use Clementine or something. Look for other alternatives
Any questions or issues? Think I’m exaggerating anything? Say so in the comment.
Now spread the word!
I’m sorry for being offensive. I will repost this in a better way that’s less offensive.

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  1. […] be. I think IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell should be bigger. Sorry if I offend you with Don’t buy Windows again!. I reposted it here in a less offensive way. This post may be subject to edits. What do you think? […]


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