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Let’s get Microsoft to do things better.

Let’s push Microsoft to open-source software. Let’s push Microsoft to do things the POSIX way. Let’s push Microsoft away from anti-competitive practices. Let’s push Microsoft to give Windows the good qualities of UNIX(whether System V or BSD) and Linux.
But how? Maybe get a Linux laptop or desktop (and use another Unix(-like) operating system as a virtual machine) instead of Windows. Government uses antitrust accusations. Other companies sue Microsoft. Damage Microsoft’s reputation. Any other ways to push Microsoft to the things I said in the first paragraph? Say so in the comment.
If Microsoft would make Windows more like UNIX and Linux, so that Windows would have the good qualities of Linux and UNIX, businesses would get Windows more in the server.
I think Windows Server should be half-UNIX, like 50-75% functional UNIX, of which 1/6 to 1/4genetic UNIX for an overall 25% genetic UNIX. 75+25 divided by two equals 50. 50+16.666… divided by two equals 33.333… (See the three dots after three numbers? That means it goes the same three numbers infinitely). Maybe Microsoft should make Windows mixed open/closed shared source. Microsoft should make a feature limited free and/or open-source version of Windows and a more powerful proprietary commercial version. Any free and open source version should have a weak or partial (per library or per file) copyleft, either a minimized GPL or Microsoft’s own license, that allows some rights to be reserved but not all. But enough about an ideal license. That will be in a separate post.