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Theistic evolution theories

One theistic evolution or old-earth creation theory is that on the third day, God created plants in different points of time, and on the fourth day, God placed the sun, moon, and stars into a time before plants. On the fifth day, God created fish in a point of time before fruit trees were created. Six days were literal but outside of time. I call this the non-linear-time creation theory.

Another theory is that there were two timelines, one with billions of years of evolution, and one of six thousand years after six-day creation, and the two timelines merged. In the past, they were separate, and sometime after the flood in the six-thousand year timeline, the two timelines merged. Like continuities in the Marvel and DC Multiverses merge, even though both those are fictional, God in real life could do the same as in those fictional universes because he’s all-powerful. I call this the split-timeline creation-evolution theory. Or merged-timeline creation-evolution theory.

Edit: the second of those two theories is also like a fan theory of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. As the two timelines (adult link and child link) merged (at least according to a fan theory) in that fictional story, God could do the same in real life because he’s all-powerful.


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I want to comment:

“The reason women have better peripheral vision than men is not because women have more rods in the retina. It’s because women have more light-sensitive cells in the periphery of the retina. Rods don’t provide better peripheral vision per se. Rods provide night vision. It’s rods and cones in the periphery of the retina that provide peripheral vision. Maybe rods provide the peripheral vision because rods are mostly in the periphery of the retina and cones are mostly in the center of the retina.

Well, men with poor peripheral vision will be selected against. The men with poor peripheral vision die out getting hit by a car, but men with better peripheral vision survive crossing the road and have children.”

I hope the owner of that site sees this post as a referring url to that site when he or she looks at the stats.