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Reddit karma, upvotes and downvotes

The edit I put on the following post, I planned to write in a comment to one of the comments, but I changed my mind.

What I would have done differently in my replies to the comments of the following post:

In response to the comment saying “pretty good way of getting more downvotes,” I would have said “You’re right! I should have known better” instead of what I actually said.

Otherwise, to the comment that said “A downvote can’t be false,” I would also have said “You’re right!”

As for being nervous about checking the karma, it’s like “If into the profile you go, only pain will you find.” Like Yoda said in a scene from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Check it out (SPOILER alert!):

I used to care about karma. But I don’t care about people say. Check out the book in the following video:

You could also buy the movie at

Also, sometimes I think of the idea that only one who is willing to let go of karma completely can truly earn it. Sounds like a Buddhist, or Askari from the Lion Guard. Couldn’t find a video.

SPOILERS for “You are special” below




That doesn’t mean that you will lose negative karma by not caring about it, but it also doesn’t mean you will lose positive karma by not caring about it.