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Idea for band

A keyboard synthesizer, a personal computer (maybe a MacBook, Acer Aspire, or Dell Precision or XPS laptop; whatever multimedia laptop with good CPU, good RAM, fast hard drive, and HD/HQ audio), a DJ set (with sliders, knobs, and joysticks), an electroacoustic piano (with soundboard and piezoelectric pickup, an amplified rhythmic guitar, an electronic drum kit (kickdrum, two snare drums, three tom-toms, a hi-hat, and two cymbals).[1] Prefer a keyboard with at least 53 keys, perhaps as many as 68 keys, analog synth combined with digital signal processing, a multi-track sequencer, and a sampler. Also a DJ set with wheels, sliders, and joysticks plugged into PC. Also feature a chamber orchestra with 10 violins, six celli, and several horns (with double tubing). Also acoustic percussion including dual-timpani (one 23″ and one 2928″), a gong, wood blocks, and an “orchestra bells” glockenspiel.
Guitarist also a male lead vocalist (dramatic baritone), backed up by a small mixed-gender choir. Vocalists have sleigh bells.
Sampling of electronic drums and electric guitar and sequencing of the samples.
Electronic breakbeat and machine gun sounds. Side chaining and other things as well.
Pads partly double strings.
Techno bass, Fargo, sawtooth leads, other synth.
No saxophones (except maybe, from most to least preferred, alto and tenor, alto and baritone, or soprano and tenor), bass or contrabass trombones, tubas, electric bass guitars, melodic guitars, acoustic guitars, bass clarinets, contrabassoons, or instruments like those.
Genres: pop rock, thrash metal, medieval power metal, synthpop, industrial, techno, trance, tech trance, orchestral uplifting trance, full-on psytrance, hardcore techno, electro house, and classical. Dubstep influences, but only 10% dubstep, with brief dubstep double-time parts.
Combination of screamed and shouted vocals with clean vocals, with brief grunts and growls. Males sing, scream, shout, and rap, while females mostly just sing. Some electronic modification of solo vocals.
Most of the music vocal, some of it instrumental.
Themes: high technology (e.g. high-tech sports-racer cars, maglev trains, spaceplanes, artificial intelligence), wonders of the world, civilization, politics, society, warfare, crime-fighting, futurism, sci-fi, energy and power, mass media, spiritual stuff, royalty, natural phenomena (e.g. storms, volcanoes, fires, tsunamis, and earthquakes), outer space travel, solar phenomena, other dimensions, and cosmic phenomena (e.g. supernovae, Roche lobes, and active galactic nuclei).
Release studio albums, EP’s, compilation albums, music videos, and remixes. Also appear in compilations and DJ mixes. Have tours in North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. Also occasionally release recordings of live performances as albums.
[1]Could avoid the timpani and gong. Could also avoid drum machine.
[2]Insert footnote.


Why I like this idea: acoustics make better treble, electronics make better bass. Sci-fi film scores should have bass synth instead of bass and contrabass trombones. They should also have guitar overdrive on orchestral hits. They should also have piano melded with the double basses.

Anything I could add or improve? Say so in the comment. Sorry I’m not up with posting schedule.