Arguments against evolution and explanations for evolutionary evidence

If there is overwhelming evidence for evolution, it was placed by God to test our faith in the Genesis account of creation. You know Abraham’s faith was tested? Also read 2 Thessalonians 2:9-11. The evidence for evolution is “strong delusions” in verse 11 or more likely “signs and false wonders” in verse 9.

If the universe wasn’t intelligently designed, it would be nothing but a formless GLOB!!! (or blob or whatever you want to call it) of particles and waves.

If there are tens of thousands of transitional forms, they are either inter-species hybrids (just like mules and ligers), inter-genus hybrids, or inter-family hybrids, all three of which occur today.

Carbon-14 dating assumes that organisms haven’t been contaminated, and that all organisms die with the same concentration of carbon-14 and nitrogen-14. How can we know that? Are contaminates removed? How do they know which nitrogen-14 and carbon-14 is contaminants and which is original?

Potassium-argon and uranium-lead dating assume that molten rock always has the same concentration of potassium, argon, uranium, and lead the moment it becomes solid. It assumes that there have been no changes in mineral content from percolation or leaching. How do we know that?

Are radiometric tests adjusted for unconformities? How?

Homo Habilis was a combination of pieces of Homo Erectus and Australopithecus fossils combined to create a hoax of an ape-man. Not deliberate though.

One problem with the idea that humans and dinosaurs coexisted, however, is that there are no dinosaur fossils found wig any hominid fossils.

And the transitions between man and ape in the fossil record are so fine that scientists don’t know where to draw the line between man and ape? Those half-ape fossils are the result of bestiality also called zoophilia, specifically pithecophilia (humans breeding with apes). That breeding of humans with apes was by the wicked people that existed decades before the flood. Consider Genesis 6:1-4 says that the Sons of God (which are either angels of the male descendants of Seth) mated with the daughters of men (which are female humans, maybe cain’s female descendants. Just like fallen angels sinfully mate with humans, humans could sinfully mate with apes to make hybrids.
Some think that the Book of Enoch’s mention of 4,500 foot Giants, succubus and incubus, is parallel to Genesis 6:1-4. However, the Book of Enoch isn’t divinely inspired (let alone Bible canon) and is likely inaccurate.

Also, there are fossils of modern-looking humans deep underground, and based on how deep they are underground, they would have existed long before humans are supposed to have evolved from apes. Evolutionists almost always ignore these fossils.

There are a lot of facts that evolutionists try to ignore.

Evolution is a liberal hoax. Evolutionary results have been faked. Evolutionists are deceived by Satan into denying God. It’s not creationists trying to deny evolution, it’s evolutionists trying to deny the existence of God (Romans 1:18-23).

Besides that, miracles performed by Jesus are incontestable historical facts. Miracles in the Old Testament are also incontestable historical facts. It’s recorded history. And 500 believers couldn’t have made up Jesus ascending into Heaven. If 500 believers made it up, odds are one would tell the truth that it was made up. And Christians wouldn’t lie.

There are things today beyond scientific explanation. Miracles. The movie Breakthrough, a lame person walking again, and others. Tim, are there any miracles of a blind person seeing or a cancer beyond cure becoming cured?

Who could have invented Jesus being a hero by dying in the cross? Could the Romans have invented it as part of their evil campaigns? Probably not.

Theistic evolution theories

One theistic evolution or old-earth creation theory is that on the third day, God created plants in different points of time, and on the fourth day, God placed the sun, moon, and stars into a time before plants. On the fifth day, God created fish in a point of time before fruit trees were created. Six days were literal but outside of time. I call this the non-linear-time creation theory.

Another theory is that there were two timelines, one with billions of years of evolution, and one of six thousand years after six-day creation, and the two timelines merged. In the past, they were separate, and sometime after the flood in the six-thousand year timeline, the two timelines merged. Like continuities in the Marvel and DC Multiverses merge, even though both those are fictional, God in real life could do the same as in those fictional universes because he’s all-powerful. I call this the split-timeline creation-evolution theory. Or merged-timeline creation-evolution theory.

Star Wars prequels were so bad that Disney pretends they don’t exist

This shows that the Star Wars sequels pretend that the Star Wars prequels don’t exist. I searched on Google and can’t find anything that says that.

Just like what Pixar did to Cars 2 with Cars 3, as said in (I don’t like that Pixar did that, and I think Cars 2 was great), the Star Wars sequel trilogy pretends that the prequel trilogy never happened.

Cars 3 is to Cars 2 and Star Wars Episodes VII-IX are to I, II, and III.

No mention of Count Dooku, Gungans, midichlorians, or things like those in the Star Wars sequels. None of the planets that appear in the prequels but not the originals appear in any of the sequels.

George Lucas wouldn’t have done that.

The only words I notice that were said in the prequels and sequels but not the originals are “Sith” and “Darth Sidious,” the latter said in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi but not in Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

In some ways but not all ways, this “pretending the prequels don’t exist” good. I don’t like the concept of midichlorians. And I don’t like the gungans like Jar-Jar Binks and other cheesy unpalatable elements of the prequels.

Why are comments disabled for this post?

This shows the comment I would like to give to a post but can’t.

I highly doubt that it would attract trash or negative comments if comments were enabled.

I want to comment:

“The reason women have better peripheral vision than men is not because women have more rods in the retina. It’s because women have more light-sensitive cells in the periphery of the retina. Rods don’t provide better peripheral vision per se. Rods provide night vision. It’s rods and cones in the periphery of the retina that provide peripheral vision. Maybe rods provide the peripheral vision because rods are mostly in the periphery of the retina and cones are mostly in the center of the retina.

Well, men with poor peripheral vision will be selected against. The men with poor peripheral vision die out getting hit by a car, but men with better peripheral vision survive crossing the road and have children.”

I hope the owner of that site sees this post as a referring url to that site when he or she looks at the stats.

Idea for band

This is my idea for band. Combine electronic and acoustic sounds.

A keyboard synthesizer, a personal computer (maybe a MacBook, Acer Aspire, or Dell Precision or XPS laptop; whatever multimedia laptop with good CPU, good RAM, fast hard drive, and HD/HQ audio), a DJ set (with sliders, knobs, and joysticks), an electroacoustic piano (with soundboard and piezoelectric pickup, an amplified rhythmic guitar, an electronic drum kit (kickdrum, two snare drums, three tom-toms, a hi-hat, and two cymbals).[1] Prefer a keyboard with at least 53 keys, perhaps as many as 68 keys, analog synth combined with digital signal processing, a multi-track sequencer, and a sampler. Also a DJ set with wheels, sliders, and joysticks plugged into PC. Also feature a chamber orchestra with 10 violins, six celli, and several horns (with double tubing). Also acoustic percussion including dual-timpani (one 23″ and one 2928″), a gong, wood blocks, and an “orchestra bells” glockenspiel.
Guitarist also a male lead vocalist (dramatic baritone), backed up by a small mixed-gender choir. Vocalists have sleigh bells.
Sampling of electronic drums and electric guitar and sequencing of the samples.
Electronic breakbeat and machine gun sounds. Side chaining and other things as well.
Pads partly double strings.
Techno bass, Fargo, sawtooth leads, other synth.
No saxophones (except maybe, from most to least preferred, alto and tenor, alto and baritone, or soprano and tenor), bass or contrabass trombones, tubas, electric bass guitars, melodic guitars, acoustic guitars, bass clarinets, contrabassoons, or instruments like those.
Genres: pop rock, thrash metal, medieval power metal, synthpop, industrial, techno, trance, tech trance, orchestral uplifting trance, full-on psytrance, hardcore techno, electro house, and classical. Dubstep influences, but only 10% dubstep, with brief dubstep double-time parts.
Combination of screamed and shouted vocals with clean vocals, with brief grunts and growls. Males sing, scream, shout, and rap, while females mostly just sing. Some electronic modification of solo vocals.
Most of the music vocal, some of it instrumental.
Themes: high technology (e.g. high-tech sports-racer cars, maglev trains, spaceplanes, artificial intelligence), wonders of the world, civilization, politics, society, warfare, crime-fighting, futurism, sci-fi, energy and power, mass media, spiritual stuff, royalty, natural phenomena (e.g. storms, volcanoes, fires, tsunamis, and earthquakes), outer space travel, solar phenomena, other dimensions, and cosmic phenomena (e.g. supernovae, Roche lobes, and active galactic nuclei).
Release studio albums, EP’s, compilation albums, music videos, and remixes. Also appear in compilations and DJ mixes. Have tours in North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. Also occasionally release recordings of live performances as albums.
[1]Could avoid the timpani and gong. Could also avoid drum machine.
[2]Insert footnote.


Why I like this idea: acoustics make better treble, electronics make better bass. Sci-fi film scores should have bass synth instead of bass and contrabass trombones. They should also have guitar overdrive on orchestral hits. They should also have piano melded with the double basses.

Anything I could add or improve? Say so in the comment. Sorry I’m not up with posting schedule.

Jehovah and Allah – Gods of Darkness

My anger to God and Christians. I will make better posts later. I have questions.

Gods of Hate, condemn things for seemingly no reason, such as magic practices. Islam forbids for no reason the portrayal of humans and animals.
God doesn’t create other (lower) Gods.
Muhammads visions from Gabriel were just as unreal as regular dreams you have in bed.
God creates a small, boring world with minimal physical diversity of humans. No aliens. God is minimalistic.
It would be better if the concept of human races was real and humans were as genetically diverse as Chimps.
God’s world stinks.
God doesn’t give us much. He didn’t create aliens. He doesn’t give the final frontier.
God’s world could have tons more but it doesn’t.
It’s a wonder why God made the Sun on the fourth day and didn’t make the Earth from the gas of the Sun.
God is a dictator with a monopoly.
God lies that he doesn’t lie.
God us good, but I’m better.

Look at the emotions below:

Of those emotions, God’s strongest is anger, when really his strongest should be joy and second strongest should be sadness. His weakest emotions should be anger and disgust. However, God should be fearless as well, so I don’t know.
God should just create an infinitely expanding world, in which there is no end. Then we would have an infinite amount of stuff to do.
Eternal hell means “all is lost. There’s no hope.”
God punishes sin by death and not by fines or imprisonment. Why? If we say we’re sorry and we really mean it, and we wish we hadn’t sinners, isn’t it like we UN-sinned? Well, isn’t God all powerful? Can’t he save anyone? Can’t he recover a broken world?
No big sin or little sin? What a lack of distinction. Other things like “God makes no distinction between” that’s a lack of differentiating and discrimination. Whatever.
Rock music evil… violence evil… Science fiction and fantasy of the devil… whatever, is girly stuff good and manly stuff evil?
David J. Stewart of (I strongly advise you not to look at that URL, because it’s highly offensive) is not trying to turn people to God; He’s trying to turn people away from God and hate him. We won’t win souls by being hateful. Dave calls it “tough love,” but we’ll only make the, hate God. They’ll just feel sick inside and… In tears. They will not feel any joy in God. We should give (what’s the opposite of tough?) love, soothing soft words to calm them down and help them love God. Help them feel that God is good.

Why is the Bible the most offensive book of all? Can we not make any book more offensive than the Bible? Why does God write the
Bible in such an offensive way? How could the best book be the most offensive one? Offensive – that’s unattractive and hated. If God has to offend the wicked to soften their hearts, how come Satan doesn’t have to offend the righteous to tempt them and harden their hearts? If the Bible is offensive to the wicked, evil statements would be just as offensive to the righteous. Surely, if a good person feels the pull to temptations of sin, certainly a wicked person should feel just as strong temptation to righteousness. For the latter, temptation is not the word I’m looking for, because temptation is evil. But an evil overlord could say to his second in command “you have been tempted by the ways of righteousness,” no? What’s the good equivalent of temptation? What’s the word I’m looking for?
God’s word shouldn’t be a sharp two-edged sword, it should be soft flowers and feathers.
Offensive Christians like Dave should accept direct contact from people. There should be a law requiring that. If you’re offended, you should be able to give a response to the offensive thing said on Dave’s site.
The Bible is offensive, but the purpose of the Bible wasn’t to offend people in the first place. It’s purpose was to bring the truth, it just has to offend the wicked to do so.
It turns out that there is no one God. There are many in different universes. God just rules this universe, and this universe is just one of an infinite number in a multiverse that even God doesn’t know. God doesn’t rule over those other Universes, they are ruled by different Gods as powerful as Jehovah. You Christians might say “there is only one God,” “there is no other world,” or whatever. But you don’t know that. Even God doesn’t know that. You might say “but God knows everything.” Sure, he knows everything about this one Universe. But NOT the entire multiverse. God thinks he knows EVERYTHING but he simply doesn’t. You might say “God doesn’t lie” but that itself could also be a lie. God might be lying that he doesn’t lie.
An infinite number of universes, some benevolent and life giving and rules by a God that loves what people love and hates what they hate. Ruled by a God that believes people’s hearts are pure and true and makes people’s hearts so. Evil never happen in eternity. People just live at ease in total happiness.
Other universes are cruel with malice and hunger, and are ruled by a power-hungry, violent, selfish, terrible, tyrant God. In that case there is no happiness at all. Just eternal darkness.
It’s lucky we don’t live in the latter, but too bad that we don’t live in the former.
Other universes have no God at all.
Everything we see in the movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel and DC exist, just in different universes that even God doesn’t know. Everything is real! Anything you could imagine exists in another universe.
How do I explain it? It comes to this? It comes to that? Randomly generated? What things could be, and the way things actually are… There can’t just be one reality then. Then it would be infinite possibilities. Would like to explain it better but I can’t.
Eventually, good will triumph over evil and evil will be powerlessness and good will be a super-duper, in fact hyper-dyper power! Compared to good, evil will be just a pinpoint. After torment, even the most evil one will apologize and say he’s sorry and really mean it. He will hug and caress God. The Devil will destroy himself. Suicide is physical, and the Devil will do the spiritual equivalent and make self spiritually dead.
I don’t intend to offend anyone here. If you’re offended, feel free to comment.
What do you think? Say so in the comment.
Sorry I was late on my posting schedule; I was lazy and tired.

Edit note

I edited to add some things, make impprovements, and correct typos.

Review for Armin Van Buuren – Embrace

How I feel about Armin Van Buuren’s album “Embrace”

3 stars out of 5

Worst Armin album ever, but not terrible

Armin has gone away from trance to garbage? How? Away from trance and to garage pop rock.
Many of the songs are radio edit. Freefall and Indestructible should have extended mixes.
“Strong ones” is glossy pop but has a good beat.
“Make it Right” sounds like Rihanna. “Gotta be Love” sound’s like Rihanna’s “We’ve found love.” “Face of Summer” sounds like “only girl in the world.
“Heading up High” is an interesting combination of trance, house, and pop rock, but with poor vocals.
“Looking for your name” is a good acoustic song, but if I wanted acoustic music I would get an acoustic album by an acoustic artist.
“Caught in the Slipstream” is the best song in my opinion.
Just get Embargo, “Hands to Heaven,” and “Caught in the Slipstream.”
This album is very cheesy. One gets sick of it. It’s boring.
Armin Van Buuren has gone out of his roots and done something different. Armin Van Buuren didn’t keep to his own way.
If I wanted pop I would get Rihanna, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Taio Cruz, Chris Brown, or the like. If I wanted rock I would get U2 or something. Not Armin Van Buuren. If I want Armin Van Buuren, I want trance, with super-driving beats and ethereal sound. Armin Van Buuren should not go the way of other artists, he should keep distinct, to his own way.
This album is not terrible. I give it three stars, not one. It’s overrated though. It was good that Armin Van Buuren did something different. Yes, we shouldn’t do the same thing over and over because it gets old and we get sick of it. So do something different. But this is a poor way for Armin to do something different. Armin Van Buuren has gone away from trance and towards mainstream pop for long enough! If his next album continues this trend, it will be QUITE LONG ENOUGH. We can do something different, but after a long time we might enjoy doing the old way again.
Let’s fear that Armin will continue this trend. That he might go to country and acoustic music. Only have a little hope that he would go to trance and 138bpm. I actually like 146 better than 138. I’d like Armin to do hard trance and even Eurodance. Hardcore and breakbeat would bring something good. Nu-disco would not be too bad. Psytrance I don’t think, but maybe full-on psytrance? I don’t know. I don’t want the music to be repetitive like tech trance either. I’d like a modern, perhaps even futuristic feel. Maybe some characteristics of industrial and metal, but not too violent or dark. Hip hop? I’d like elements of classical orchestral. I don’t like it too cheesy though.
I do like a combination of techno, trance, and house. That’s what makes Armin best. Not pure trance, but a combination of those three genres.
It doesn’t matter that Armin Van Buuren doesn’t make much money from trance. It matters what his fans like and that he keeps to his own way. Each artist is different.
I want to promote trance. Let’s do so.
If you want just trance, get Sean Tyas, Alphazone, Flutlicht, Paul Van Dyk, Dash Berlin, DJ Dean, or artists like those. Also get the old Armin albums like 76, Imagine (the remixes), and Mirage (the extended versions).
What do you think? Anything I could add?
Sorry I was five days late on my posting schedule. I was being lazy and I had anxiety.

Promote against iTunes and Apple Music and for competitors

Promoting for music platforms other than iTunes and Apple Music. Give some points.

Promote cross-platform software that supports Linux and Windows 10 Mobile.
I promote against iTunes and Apple Music. Promote for Amazon Music, Groove Music, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, and others. Too bad Style JukeBox was discontinued. What for? I would like it to be recontinued (have development continued again/restored).
Unfortunately, you can’t use Google Play on Windows unless you use Chrome.
iTunes is not available for Linux. Apple Music not available for Windows Phone.
Apple doesn’t play nice on platforms other than its own MacOS, iOS, and TvOS.
GNU/Linux is a great OS, better than Windows and MacOS at many things.
The more popular Apple Music becomes, the fewer people move to Linux.
Apple Music doesn’t have a web player.
iTunes also uses M4P protection, which means you can’t easily transfer iTunes music to other media players and online music lockers. Get a premium subscription with iTunes Match, so you can convert M4P to the non-protected MP3 so you can transfer it. Don’t get iTunes in the first place!
Apple is trying to push and draw people to the Apple community.
Also promote Amarok, RhythmBox, Clementine, Banshee, and others. Too bad Banshee was discontinued, I hope it will be recontinued.
I also like music players that support formats other than MP3 and AAC. Formats that are not restricted.
There are other reasons to hate iTunes and Apple Music than those I mentioned. Say some in the comment.