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Pixar Theory vs. real life – anything being forgotten can be tragic!

Look at SuperCarlinBrothers, who didn’t invent the Pixar theory but popularized it. Jon Negroni came up with the Pixar Theory.

Pixar’s Coco and other movies. A theme about being forgotten.

Now in real life

Homepage DD1US music has been missing from Homepage DD1US since around 2006.

I don’t want the songs by Xigmatek (like Cyber Galaxy, Aeon, Mind Effects, Electro magnetic Brain) to be forgotten like spoilers mentioned down below. His YouTube channel has been gone since like 2013, and all of his songs became unavailable on Spotify and Apple Music in I don’t remember, maybe 2014 or 2015. Some of his songs are still available on SoundCloud, but unfortunately some of them (like Cyber Galaxy and Electro magnetic brain) are not.

Remember Buzz Lightyear of Star Command? That’s not as close to being forgotten as the two above. – died in 2017 onwards after being acquired by Docker in 2016. Nothing new in 2017, went offline in 2018, got back online in like 2019 but reverted back to what it was in 2015, then got taken over by Infinit Marketing, and then in early 2022 went offline. Don’t want that novel decentralized filesharing network to be forgotten like spoilers for Inside Out and Coco down below.

3Leaf Systems – closed in like 2009.

Not to mention the Grail Engine, for which the site had nothing new since 2013 and went offline in like 2017. See

Any that I missed will be down here before spoilers

Mill Computing at – the site is still up, but the belt machine project seems inactive. I didn’t even know Mill Computing existed until October 9 of 2022. The site may go offline soon.

Willis Floating Lever – and are broken.

Not to mention the Vocalion, which has large, broad rectangular reeds feeding into resonance chambers known as qualifying tubes.

SPOILERS for inside Out and Coco below (in that order)

Bing Bong


If I missed any, I will list them below and mark more spoilers in the heading above.


Europe does it better

Parliamentary government vs. Presidential system. Also Europe uses metric, America uses U.S. Customary units which are similar to the traditional Imperial units.

As for vehicles, Europe has better sports cars and racing cars. From Lamborghini to Bugatti, and even Audi and Porsche.

America however has better trucks from Mack, Peterbilt, and Freightliner semi-trucks to monster machines like Caterpillar excavators and large Terex dump trucks.

America also has a great aircraft carrier fleet, not to mention heavy bombers like the B-52.

Japan also has great cars.

As for music, Europe definitely does it better, because it has more EDM from electro house to trance to Eurodance. Europe even does it better with a post-industrial genre called aggrotech. Germany does especially well with electronic music from electro-industrial and aggrotech to power noise to trance, electro house, and Eurodance. Dutch is stronger with EDM. America on the other hand is saturated with pop, rock, hip hop, and even country, and also has much big room and bass. Europe is also a home of many great classical composers, from Bach to Handel to Haydn to Beethoven to Mahler. America and the UK however do better with rock (both classical and modern) and heavy metal. Edit: I forgot to mention that America has great marching band and military band music.

I deleted a post that was blasphemy

It had a very harsh stance on God and the Bible.

The following Jehovah’s Witnesses sites even link to it.

There must be more than life on Earth. In Beauty and the Beast, Belle says ”there must be more than this provincial life” in a song. But in real life, I think there must be more than this Earthly life. There must be more than humanity. Angels don’t cut it. There must be more to god’s creation than revealed or even implied in the Bible.

Language mispronunciations and counterintuitive pronunciations

In Latin and Greek derived words, why doesn’t the H palatalize the C? Why is there even an H when it has absolutely  no effect on the pronunciation? Why aren’t Deinosuchus and saurischians pronounced deinosutjus/Deinosutʃus (ˌdaɪnəˈsuːtʃəs or ˌdaɪnəˈsjuːəs) and saurishians (sauriʃians), and why isn’t saurischia pronounced sauriʃia, (/sɔːˈrɪʃiə/)? Eschar should be Eshar (Eʃar).

Carcharodon could be Carxarodon as voiceless velar fricative or better Cark͡xarodon with a voiceless velar affricate.

Hipparchus or hipparchicus – why not hippartjicus/Hipparicus?

Guttural CH as in Greek letter chi or German? – how about deinosuΧus? Choreography could be Χoreography. ˌdaɪnəˈsjuːΧəs

Voiceless uvular fricative: Yuck, it’s muck should be Yuχ, it’s muχ! Why isn’t “ck” uvular fricative? I’m not going to mention the four-letter word as in “Thank you so fiχen much!” Voiceless uvular trill might be better for the “ck.”

What’s more yuχy than milk?

Why isn’t Détente pronounced De-ten-tay? French is a Spanish like language!

Why are cup and concur not Qup and conqur?

How could there not be a letter k in Latin or Gaelic?

Arguments against evolution and explanations for evolutionary evidence

If there is overwhelming evidence for evolution, it was placed by God to test our faith in the Genesis account of creation. You know Abraham’s faith was tested? Also read 2 Thessalonians 2:9-11. The evidence for evolution is “strong delusions” in verse 11 or more likely “signs and false wonders” in verse 9.

If the universe wasn’t intelligently designed, it would be nothing but a formless GLOB!!! (or blob or whatever you want to call it) of particles and waves.

If there are tens of thousands of transitional forms, they are either inter-species hybrids (just like mules and ligers), inter-genus hybrids, or inter-family hybrids, all three of which occur today.

Carbon-14 dating assumes that organisms haven’t been contaminated, and that all organisms die with the same concentration of carbon-14 and nitrogen-14. How can we know that? Are contaminates removed? How do they know which nitrogen-14 and carbon-14 is contaminants and which is original?

Potassium-argon and uranium-lead dating assume that molten rock always has the same concentration of potassium, argon, uranium, and lead the moment it becomes solid. It assumes that there have been no changes in mineral content from percolation or leaching. How do we know that?

Are radiometric tests adjusted for unconformities? How?

Homo Habilis was a combination of pieces of Homo Erectus and Australopithecus fossils combined to create a hoax of an ape-man. Not deliberate though.

One problem with the idea that humans and dinosaurs coexisted, however, is that there are no dinosaur fossils found wig any hominid fossils.

And the transitions between man and ape in the fossil record are so fine that scientists don’t know where to draw the line between man and ape? Those half-ape fossils are the result of bestiality also called zoophilia, specifically pithecophilia (humans breeding with apes). That breeding of humans with apes was by the wicked people that existed decades before the flood. Consider Genesis 6:1-4 says that the Sons of God (which are either angels of the male descendants of Seth) mated with the daughters of men (which are female humans, maybe cain’s female descendants. Just like fallen angels sinfully mate with humans, humans could sinfully mate with apes to make hybrids.
Some think that the Book of Enoch’s mention of 4,500 foot Giants, succubus and incubus, is parallel to Genesis 6:1-4. However, the Book of Enoch isn’t divinely inspired (let alone Bible canon) and is likely inaccurate.

Also, there are fossils of modern-looking humans deep underground, and based on how deep they are underground, they would have existed long before humans are supposed to have evolved from apes. Evolutionists almost always ignore these fossils.

There are a lot of facts that evolutionists try to ignore.

Evolution is a liberal hoax. Evolutionary results have been faked. Evolutionists are deceived by Satan into denying God. It’s not creationists trying to deny evolution, it’s evolutionists trying to deny the existence of God (Romans 1:18-23).

Besides that, miracles performed by Jesus are incontestable historical facts. Miracles in the Old Testament are also incontestable historical facts. It’s recorded history. And 500 believers couldn’t have made up Jesus ascending into Heaven. If 500 believers made it up, odds are one would tell the truth that it was made up. And Christians wouldn’t lie.

There are things today beyond scientific explanation. Miracles. The movie Breakthrough, a lame person walking again, and others. Are there any miracles of a blind person seeing or a cancer beyond cure becoming cured?

Who could have invented Jesus being a hero by dying in the cross? Could the Romans have invented it as part of their evil campaigns? Probably not.

Star Wars prequels were so bad that Disney pretends they don’t exist

Just like what Pixar did to Cars 2 with Cars 3, as said in (I don’t like that Pixar did that, and I think Cars 2 was great), the Star Wars sequel trilogy pretends that the prequel trilogy never happened.

Cars 3 is to Cars 2 and Star Wars Episodes VII-IX are to I, II, and III.

No mention of Count Dooku, Gungans, midichlorians, or things like those in the Star Wars sequels. None of the planets that appear in the prequels but not the originals appear in any of the sequels.

George Lucas wouldn’t have done that.

The only words I notice that were said in the prequels and sequels but not the originals are “Sith” and “Darth Sidious,” the latter said in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi but not in Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

In some ways but not all ways, this “pretending the prequels don’t exist” good. I don’t like the concept of midichlorians. And I don’t like the gungans like Jar-Jar Binks and other cheesy unpalatable elements of the prequels.

Idea for band

A keyboard synthesizer, a personal computer (maybe a MacBook, Acer Aspire, or Dell Precision or XPS laptop; whatever multimedia laptop with good CPU, good RAM, fast hard drive, and HD/HQ audio), a DJ set (with sliders, knobs, and joysticks), an electroacoustic piano (with soundboard and piezoelectric pickup, an amplified rhythmic guitar, an electronic drum kit (kickdrum, two snare drums, three tom-toms, a hi-hat, and two cymbals).[1] Prefer a keyboard with at least 53 keys, perhaps as many as 68 keys, analog synth combined with digital signal processing, a multi-track sequencer, and a sampler. Also a DJ set with wheels, sliders, and joysticks plugged into PC. Also feature a chamber orchestra with 10 violins, six celli, and several horns (with double tubing). Also acoustic percussion including dual-timpani (one 23″ and one 2928″), a gong, wood blocks, and an “orchestra bells” glockenspiel.
Guitarist also a male lead vocalist (dramatic baritone), backed up by a small mixed-gender choir. Vocalists have sleigh bells.
Sampling of electronic drums and electric guitar and sequencing of the samples.
Electronic breakbeat and machine gun sounds. Side chaining and other things as well.
Pads partly double strings.
Techno bass, Fargo, sawtooth leads, other synth.
No saxophones (except maybe, from most to least preferred, alto and tenor, alto and baritone, or soprano and tenor), bass or contrabass trombones, tubas, electric bass guitars, melodic guitars, acoustic guitars, bass clarinets, contrabassoons, or instruments like those.
Genres: pop rock, thrash metal, medieval power metal, synthpop, industrial, techno, trance, tech trance, orchestral uplifting trance, full-on psytrance, hardcore techno, electro house, and classical. Dubstep influences, but only 10% dubstep, with brief dubstep double-time parts.
Combination of screamed and shouted vocals with clean vocals, with brief grunts and growls. Males sing, scream, shout, and rap, while females mostly just sing. Some electronic modification of solo vocals.
Most of the music vocal, some of it instrumental.
Themes: high technology (e.g. high-tech sports-racer cars, maglev trains, spaceplanes, artificial intelligence), wonders of the world, civilization, politics, society, warfare, crime-fighting, futurism, sci-fi, energy and power, mass media, spiritual stuff, royalty, natural phenomena (e.g. storms, volcanoes, fires, tsunamis, and earthquakes), outer space travel, solar phenomena, other dimensions, and cosmic phenomena (e.g. supernovae, Roche lobes, and active galactic nuclei).
Release studio albums, EP’s, compilation albums, music videos, and remixes. Also appear in compilations and DJ mixes. Have tours in North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. Also occasionally release recordings of live performances as albums.
[1]Could avoid the timpani and gong. Could also avoid drum machine.
[2]Insert footnote.


Why I like this idea: acoustics make better treble, electronics make better bass. Sci-fi film scores should have bass synth instead of bass and contrabass trombones. They should also have guitar overdrive on orchestral hits. They should also have piano melded with the double basses.

Anything I could add or improve? Say so in the comment. Sorry I’m not up with posting schedule.