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Review for Armin Van Buuren – Embrace

3 stars out of 5

Worst Armin album ever, but not terrible

Armin has gone away from trance to garbage? How? Away from trance and to garage pop rock.
Many of the songs are radio edit. Freefall and Indestructible should have extended mixes.
“Strong ones” is glossy pop but has a good beat.
“Make it Right” sounds like Rihanna. “Gotta be Love” sound’s like Rihanna’s “We’ve found love.” “Face of Summer” sounds like “only girl in the world.
“Heading up High” is an interesting combination of trance, house, and pop rock, but with poor vocals.
“Looking for your name” is a good acoustic song, but if I wanted acoustic music I would get an acoustic album by an acoustic artist.
“Caught in the Slipstream” is the best song in my opinion.
Just get Embargo, “Hands to Heaven,” and “Caught in the Slipstream.”
This album is very cheesy. One gets sick of it. It’s boring.
Armin Van Buuren has gone out of his roots and done something different. Armin Van Buuren didn’t keep to his own way.
If I wanted pop I would get Rihanna, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Taio Cruz, Chris Brown, or the like. If I wanted rock I would get U2 or something. Not Armin Van Buuren. If I want Armin Van Buuren, I want trance, with super-driving beats and ethereal sound. Armin Van Buuren should not go the way of other artists, he should keep distinct, to his own way.
This album is not terrible. I give it three stars, not one. It’s overrated though. It was good that Armin Van Buuren did something different. Yes, we shouldn’t do the same thing over and over because it gets old and we get sick of it. So do something different. But this is a poor way for Armin to do something different. Armin Van Buuren has gone away from trance and towards mainstream pop for long enough! If his next album continues this trend, it will be QUITE LONG ENOUGH. We can do something different, but after a long time we might enjoy doing the old way again.
Let’s fear that Armin will continue this trend. That he might go to country and acoustic music. Only have a little hope that he would go to trance and 138bpm. I actually like 146 better than 138. I’d like Armin to do hard trance and even Eurodance. Hardcore and breakbeat would bring something good. Nu-disco would not be too bad. Psytrance I don’t think, but maybe full-on psytrance? I don’t know. I don’t want the music to be repetitive like tech trance either. I’d like a modern, perhaps even futuristic feel. Maybe some characteristics of industrial and metal, but not too violent or dark. Hip hop? I’d like elements of classical orchestral. I don’t like it too cheesy though.
I do like a combination of techno, trance, and house. That’s what makes Armin best. Not pure trance, but a combination of those three genres.
It doesn’t matter that Armin Van Buuren doesn’t make much money from trance. It matters what his fans like and that he keeps to his own way. Each artist is different.
I want to promote trance. Let’s do so.
If you want just trance, get Sean Tyas, Alphazone, Flutlicht, Paul Van Dyk, Dash Berlin, DJ Dean, or artists like those. Also get the old Armin albums like 76, Imagine (the remixes), and Mirage (the extended versions).
What do you think? Anything I could add?
Sorry I was five days late on my posting schedule. I was being lazy and I had anxiety.


Review for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

No spoilers intended.
I had high expectations for the movie.
I rate it three to four out of five stars.
Good movie, not as good as I hoped.
First of all, the film draws little or none directly from the Expanded Universe, now called Legends. It was confirmed by Lucasfilm on April 12 2014 that films VII, VIII, and IX would not tell the same story told in the post Return of the Jedi Expanded Universe. But not draw from the Expanded Universe in whole or in part? None of the characters, ships, planets, and organizations and other things from the Expanded Universe appear in films? Why? I think the films should draw at least some from the Expanded Universe. All material of the Expanded Universe is no longer canon? Just the six films and The Clone Wars? Why not just have a small portion of the material of the Expanded Universe remain canon? I think films VII, VIII, and IX should partially follow the Expanded Universe. I know the films are different from the Expanded Universe to give writers maximum creative freedom and preserve an element of surprise for the audience. I think yes, at least some things should be done in the films. Just keep some of the Expanded Universe.
Second of all, Han and Leia have only one son in the films, and not multiple children like in the Expanded Universe. That is not as cool. Not as much offspring from Han and Leia. I don’t know how to explain that better. Not much is passed on from Han and Leia.
Third of all, Luke doesn’t have any children. I know in the old republic, Jedi were forbidden to marry. But Luke would change some rules, because the code forbidding Jedi to marry is unreasonable and should be at least softened, not necessarily removed. I also know that Luke seems to be asexual, but that seems to be disproven by Luke’s love for Leia in Episode V, before Luke knows that Leia was his sister. After Luke discovered that Leia is his sister, Luke could find another woman to love. Luke’s children… Rey? It has been speculated that she is his daughter, but there’s a chance she’s not a relative. Other theories here(Don’t look at it if you don’t what to be spoiled).
No spoilers intended! Sorry if I spoil anything. Comment if you think I spoiled anything.
What do you think? Say so in the comment.