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Ridiculous subscription pop-ups

http://www.thediapason.com – “This content is reserved for paid subscribers. Please provide us with the information below to unlock this.” Why does the full content show then to be blocked by a pop-up?

http://www.telegraph.co.uk – “Save over 85% on a Digital Subscription and stay jolly well informed this festive season. Cancel anytime. Act now – offer ends 29 December 2021.” – why isn’t there an X button? Why isn’t there an option to “I’ll try later” or “no thanks, just continue to the ?

National Geographic – “Enter your email to continue,” “Science is more important than ever – stay informed,” “Yes! I would like to receive updates, special offers, and other information from National Geographic and The Walt Disney Family of Companies. By creating an account, I agree to the Terms of Use and acknowledge that I have read the Privacy Policy and California Privacy Notice.” why do I have to subscribe and receive updates in order to view content? There really should be an option to “I’ll try later” or an X button or “no thanks, just continue to the site.”

And don’t forget TechTarget.com. I need a corporate email address to view some of the content. For a reason I think DOES concern me, I can’t use a personal email address. Is it intended only for corporate users?

One more: The Atlantic, with the following: “We hope you’ve enjoyed your free articles.” “Already a subscriber? Try one month of unlimited digital access.Start your free trial today. Cancel anytime.”

Edit: One more – “The Economist with Get to the end of the story” “Subscribe today with 50% off your first 12 weeks.”

One more – Bloomberg. “Limited time only: Subscribe now with an exclusive introductory offer. Cancel anytime.”

All of the above show full content, then to either disappear or be blurred or be blocked by a pop-up. Why? In the former case, why isn’t it like independent.co.uk in which “I’ll try later”? In the latter case, why isn’t there an X button or “I’ll try later” or “No thanks, just continue to the site”? Don’t those sites know that people can CTRL-A and then CTRL-C the entire article and then paste it onto notepad or email? Why don’t they keep the reserved content down on the server and ONLY load it to the client when the client is subscribed? And why is some of the reserved content indexed by Google?