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Harmonium vs. bacon

Take a look at David Forde’s post at https://mander-organs-forum.invisionzone.com/topic/496-21st-century-barker-lever-replacement/ It says “Horrible harmonium type feel to the action.”

Another message made public on the subject ”inflate-to-play and exhaust-to -play” was in response to William Baker. I will get the link later. Here’s a quote from it:

All the actions described here had far better response, reliability and longevity than even the best of the equivalent German systems, all of which are rather harmonium-like to play

Could say the same for the taste of bacon. Grilling and smoking with an unclean LPG or CNG flame and/or with hardwood can result in an awful bacon-like taste (c.f. “horrible harmonium-like feel”), as can overcooking sausage.

Bacon-like taste is as undesirable in cooked meat as harmonium touch is in tracker organs, and a harmonium-like touch is as undesirable in tracker organs as a bacon-like taste is in meat.