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Re-pronouncing words, and more pronunciation conundra

Yucky should be yuʀ̥y, with a voiceless uvular trill. What’s more yuʀ̥y than muʀ̥? Not Voiceless uvular fricative. Not ꭓ. I know, the voiceless uvular trill symbol looks like an R. The ck could be a voiceless uvular affricate.

Thank you so fiʀ̥en much! I’m censoring the four-letter word.

Voiceless velar affricate for the ch in Greek derived words. Cark͡xarodon and others with a hard ch. Cxords. Cxoreography.

Good idea huh?

Braʜiosaurus – with voiceless pharyngeal/epiglottal trill. Deinosuʜus (daɪnəˈsjuːʜəs)… I don’t think there is such a sound in Greek.

Guess the letter K is redundant. That’s why it’s not in Spanish, Italian, French, or Gaelic. As if, since there’s already a C, don’t need another letter for the same sound. Did the letter K originate in an old Germanic alphabet and get borrowed by the Roman alphabet? But the ch in Latin and Greek derived words – isn’t the H redundant in Deinosuchus and Choreography? Isn’t the H pointless? Sure, in Brachiosaurus, the H blocks the i from palatalizing/softening the C. In Italian, the H doesn’t palatalize the C. Instead, it BLOCKS the E or I FROM palatalizing/softening the C.

Definition of redundant: duplicate or unnecessary.

One more: Why isn’t elasmobranch pronounced elasmobrantʃ? Why is it elasmobronks and not elasmobrantʃes? It contains the English word branch. Pronouncing elasmobranch the way it’s said to be pronounced is like saying “tree bronk” or ”tree brahnk.” What? Elasmobranch isn’t even related to the English word branch? Convergent evolution…


Language mispronunciations and counterintuitive pronunciations

In Latin and Greek derived words, why doesn’t the H palatalize the C? Why is there even an H when it has absolutely  no effect on the pronunciation? Why aren’t Deinosuchus and saurischians pronounced deinosutjus/Deinosutʃus (ˌdaɪnəˈsuːtʃəs or ˌdaɪnəˈsjuːəs) and saurishians (sauriʃians), and why isn’t saurischia pronounced sauriʃia, (/sɔːˈrɪʃiə/)? Eschar should be Eshar (Eʃar).

Carcharodon could be Carxarodon as voiceless velar fricative or better Cark͡xarodon with a voiceless velar affricate.

Hipparchus or hipparchicus – why not hippartjicus/Hipparicus?

Guttural CH as in Greek letter chi or German? – how about deinosuΧus? Choreography could be Χoreography. ˌdaɪnəˈsjuːΧəs

Voiceless uvular fricative: Yuck, it’s muck should be Yuχ, it’s muχ! Why isn’t “ck” uvular fricative? I’m not going to mention the four-letter word as in “Thank you so fiχen much!” Voiceless uvular trill might be better for the “ck.”

What’s more yuχy than milk?

Why isn’t Détente pronounced De-ten-tay? French is a Spanish like language!

Why are cup and concur not Qup and conqur?

How could there not be a letter k in Latin or Gaelic?