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Europe does it better

Parliamentary government vs. Presidential system. Also Europe uses metric, America uses U.S. Customary units which are similar to the traditional Imperial units.

As for vehicles, Europe has better sports cars and racing cars. From Lamborghini to Bugatti, and even Audi and Porsche.

America however has better trucks from Mack, Peterbilt, and Freightliner semi-trucks to monster machines like Caterpillar excavators and large Terex dump trucks.

America also has a great aircraft carrier fleet, not to mention heavy bombers like the B-52.

Japan also has great cars.

As for music, Europe definitely does it better, because it has more EDM from electro house to trance to Eurodance. Europe even does it better with a post-industrial genre called aggrotech. Germany does especially well with electronic music from electro-industrial and aggrotech to power noise to trance, electro house, and Eurodance. Dutch is stronger with EDM. America on the other hand is saturated with pop, rock, hip hop, and even country, and also has much big room and bass. Europe is also a home of many great classical composers, from Bach to Handel to Haydn to Beethoven to Mahler. America and the UK however do better with rock (both classical and modern) and heavy metal. Edit: I forgot to mention that America has great marching band and military band music.