Arguments against evolution and explanations for evolutionary evidence

If there is overwhelming evidence for evolution, it was placed by God to test our faith in the Genesis account of creation. You know Abraham’s faith was tested? Also read 2 Thessalonians 2:9-11. The evidence for evolution is “strong delusions” in verse 11 or more likely “signs and false wonders” in verse 9.

If the universe wasn’t intelligently designed, it would be nothing but a formless GLOB!!! (or blob or whatever you want to call it) of particles and waves.

If there are tens of thousands of transitional forms, they are either inter-species hybrids (just like mules and ligers), inter-genus hybrids, or inter-family hybrids, all three of which occur today.

Carbon-14 dating assumes that organisms haven’t been contaminated, and that all organisms die with the same concentration of carbon-14 and nitrogen-14. How can we know that? Are contaminates removed? How do they know which nitrogen-14 and carbon-14 is contaminants and which is original?

Potassium-argon and uranium-lead dating assume that molten rock always has the same concentration of potassium, argon, uranium, and lead the moment it becomes solid. It assumes that there have been no changes in mineral content from percolation or leaching. How do we know that?

Are radiometric tests adjusted for unconformities? How?

Homo Habilis was a combination of pieces of Homo Erectus and Australopithecus fossils combined to create a hoax of an ape-man. Not deliberate though.

One problem with the idea that humans and dinosaurs coexisted, however, is that there are no dinosaur fossils found wig any hominid fossils.

And the transitions between man and ape in the fossil record are so fine that scientists don’t know where to draw the line between man and ape? Those half-ape fossils are the result of bestiality also called zoophilia, specifically pithecophilia (humans breeding with apes). That breeding of humans with apes was by the wicked people that existed decades before the flood. Consider Genesis 6:1-4 says that the Sons of God (which are either angels of the male descendants of Seth) mated with the daughters of men (which are female humans, maybe cain’s female descendants. Just like fallen angels sinfully mate with humans, humans could sinfully mate with apes to make hybrids.
Some think that the Book of Enoch’s mention of 4,500 foot Giants, succubus and incubus, is parallel to Genesis 6:1-4. However, the Book of Enoch isn’t divinely inspired (let alone Bible canon) and is likely inaccurate.

Also, there are fossils of modern-looking humans deep underground, and based on how deep they are underground, they would have existed long before humans are supposed to have evolved from apes. Evolutionists almost always ignore these fossils.

There are a lot of facts that evolutionists try to ignore.

Evolution is a liberal hoax. Evolutionary results have been faked. Evolutionists are deceived by Satan into denying God. It’s not creationists trying to deny evolution, it’s evolutionists trying to deny the existence of God (Romans 1:18-23).

Besides that, miracles performed by Jesus are incontestable historical facts. Miracles in the Old Testament are also incontestable historical facts. It’s recorded history. And 500 believers couldn’t have made up Jesus ascending into Heaven. If 500 believers made it up, odds are one would tell the truth that it was made up. And Christians wouldn’t lie.

There are things today beyond scientific explanation. Miracles. The movie Breakthrough, a lame person walking again, and others. Tim, are there any miracles of a blind person seeing or a cancer beyond cure becoming cured?

Who could have invented Jesus being a hero by dying in the cross? Could the Romans have invented it as part of their evil campaigns? Probably not.

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