Ideal free and open source license

Minimized GPL copyleft. Combine permissions of GPLv3 and permissions of LGPLv2.1.

Linking: with restrictions
Modification: copylefted
Distribution: copylefted
Patent grant: yes
Private use: yes
Sublicensing: yes
TM grant: manually

Allow some rights to be reserved but not all. Maybe allow remix and commercial use to be reserved but not allow sharing to be reserved.
Allow software to be mixed/shared source but not,pure closed source.
Maybe more requirements for statically loaded modules and more lenient rules for dynamically loaded modules… Based on the way of LGPL.
Freedom 0 allows use, freedom 1 allows studying the source (and modifying it for personal use), freedom 2 allows sharing and redistribution of verbatim copies, and freedom 3 allows redistribution of modified copies. Maybe require freedoms 1 and 2 along with freedom 0 for binary(file or library), and require freedom 1 along with freedom 0 for the executable program.

What do you think?

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