David J. Stewart of jesus-is-savior.com should read this

You won’t convince America to repent the way you are speaking! You hurt their feelings. They will hate God and think that God is power-hungry and proud, that he’s just playing with us like we’re toys. People will feel sad that God doesn’t give them fun.
You should express your understandings about people’s feelings, and then say things that will help them feel better. Like “But God has a good reason behind it.” Or “Don’t be mad. God does everything for good.” “God doesn’t do that to take away your fun. He means for the good of the world.” Why don’t you say “God is all-wise”? Why don’t you say “Everything will be done right and just”?
Why don’t you mention that people “question God’s ways”?

Think about the following articles:

No second chance in eternity – Do you know why Jack Lane thought there would be a second chance after the thousand year millennium? Because he thought it would be more fair. Why don’t you say “It may seem unfair, but God knows what’s right” or something like that?

Hell is forever – think about that – Why don’t you mention “It may not seem like a just and loving God would condemn people to hell forever, but God has a good reason” or something like that? Better would be to link to “What kind of God would cast anyone into hell?” Why don’t you mention Matthew 25:41?

All witchcraft is satanic – People think “what’s so wrong with magic? Why would God condemn such an innocent thing?” Why don’t you mention that or something like that? Does God have a benefit to the people for condemning things like magic?

Few people are going to heaven – Is Matthew 7:13-14 a prophecy? It’s unfortunate that people are going to hell, right? Why don’t you say “It may not seem unfair”? Shouldn’t you say “It’s not God who condemns all those people to hell, but the people who made those choices.”

Star Trek Creator Gene Roddenberry – No Hero – Why wouldn’t God create aliens? Why just have humans on the earth? Is space(sky) just “for signs, seasons, and years”? Are stars not meant to be traveled to? That’s not what space seems. Why not travel “to distant galaxies”? Why not life on different planets, with space between them? However I say it? Either way, you are sorry that Roddenberry died and went to hell, right?

Few people are going to heaven – Why would God send so many to hell and let few into heaven? It doesn’t seem fair. Is Matthew 7:13-14 a prophecy? It is unfortunate that most are going to hell, right?

The truth is offensive – How could the Bibld be the most offensive book in the world? How could the truth be more offensive than the false? I bet the bible is the most offensive because that’s how people take it, right?

Shouldn’t God make his laws as attractive as possible?
Why shouldn’t God just give man whatever he wants(not one person, but billions overall)?
Does God have a good reason for all his… So-called nonsense?
Why do you use insults and rants? Why do you speak in such an offensive way? Is that how the prophets spoke in the Bible? Why should we not be polite? I’m not saying that we can be politically correct in today’s society. But hard words should come FIRST, then maybe use soft words. Hard words soften hard hearts, but harden soft hearts, right? Soft words harden hard hearts but soften soft hearts, right? Warnings should come first, then promises, right?
I’m not really opposing God’s ways. I’m only have questions. I hope God has a good explanation after we die.
You should accept emails from people. You should accept comments. I know you received hate email, but that doesn’t matter. You should accept messages, whether they’d be polite and hateful. You should hear their opinions.

This post was copied from http://questionindust.blogspot.com/2017/11/hope-david-j-stewart-of-jesus-is.html

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