Top 22 greatest goth/industrial/EBM bands

1. Hocico
2. Front Line Assembly
3. Combichrist
5. Psyclon Nine
6. Iszoloscope
7. Edgey
8. Decoded Feedback
9. Grendel
10. Suicide Commando
11. Finite Automata
12. Lights of Euphoria
13. Die Krupps
14. Vigilante
15. Meat Beat Manifesto
16. Einsturzende Neubauten
17. Coil
18. X-Fusion
19. Ritual Aesthetic
20. X Marks The Pedwalk
21. Aesthetic Perfection
22. Angelspit

There’s much aggrotech on this list. I like a mixture of aggrotech, rhythmic noise, and industrial metal.

Edit 10/15/2021: I actually like Suicide Commando better than Hocico, and I don’t like Psychon Nine that much. I would rank Combichrist lower, and I would rank X-Fusion somewhat higher.

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